Here Are Some Tips for Living Frugally Without Appearing Cheap

Published on 12/15/2022

Do you detest the concept of eating lunch at the office while everyone else leaves? Do you fear leaving your outdated Camry in a BMW-filled parking lot? Are you afraid that someone may notice you using coupons at the grocery store? If so, you are not by yourself.

In this country, perception is a very huge problem, according to Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of Although he believes no one should be ashamed of saving money, he is aware of the urge to fit in.

Here are some economical ideas to help you appear to be living lavishly without breaking the bank.

Black Friday

Here Are Some Tips for Living Frugally Without Appearing Cheap


Eliminate Monthly Subscriptions

Make some room in your budget before you can purchase whatever you believe will wow your friends and neighbors. Eliminating monthly subscriptions is the simplest method to accomplish this.

According to Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at, a cash back website, “Subscriptions are frequently set on auto-pay, which might be helpful to avoid missing payments, but it will cost you extra if forgotten about.”

You can manually identify and cancel subscriptions by searching through your bank and credit card bills for recurring costs, despite the fact that programs like Truebill and Trim can do it for you. Review your spending every few months to make sure you aren’t paying for services you don’t use or require, advises Gramuglia.

Reviewing your monthly subscriptions will allow you to determine how frequently you use each one and whether it overlaps with other services. Choose the streaming service, news website, or beauty subscription box that you use the most and cancel the others.

Shop for New Insurance

Another area where you might cut costs to free up money for essential purchases is insurance.

Laura Adams, a personal finance expert, advises checking your insurance to make sure you have the proper amounts and comparing free quotes online to get the greatest coverage for less.

Lower rates could result from changes in your age or circumstances, or in some cases, new insurers may enter a market and bring with them more affordable premiums. It can be practical to compare rates from many firms by using an insurance agent who works with several different suppliers.

Reduce Prescription Costs

The price of prescription drugs can build up for those who have serious or ongoing medical issues. By looking for generic pharmaceuticals and taking advantage of reductions, you can save money without compromising your health.

Ramzi Yacoub, the chief pharmacy officer for SingleCare, a prescription discount program, advises patients to “engage with their doctor to explore generic drug possibilities” where it is practical. “They work just as well as name-brand drugs and cost a fraction of the price.”

According to Yacoub, filling prescriptions for 90 days as opposed to 30 can save money and increase adherence to taking drugs as recommended. This can maintain people’s health and bring down the cost of healthcare as a whole. Savings of up to 80% off the retail cost of a drug are also possible when using a discount service like SingleCare. Additionally, some manufacturers offer patient support plans and discounts.

Buy Used Items

Simply by choosing used stuff, you can purchase high-quality goods at a lower cost, from designer clothing to luxury automobiles.

If you’re seeking to buy a car, bear in mind that new cars lose a lot of value in the first year, so you can save money if you’re prepared to purchase a used vehicle. Since models frequently don’t change much from year to year, other people may not always be able to tell how old a car is.

Whoever said that you should trade in a car every three to four years is unknown to Dvorkin. “Get a better car and keep it longer.”

Pawn stores, as well as Facebook sales groups, often include brand-name furniture, jewelry, and electronics that have barely been used. However, if you’re purchasing something from a private seller, be cautious of fake items and carry out business in a public area.

Rent, Don’t Own

Sometimes all it takes to leave a lasting impact is a brief use of the item. If so, think about renting rather than buying.

For stylish maternity attire, check out Mine for Nine or rent designer clothing through Rent the Runway. Additionally, companies that rent out jewelry, handbags, and baby items exist. You can borrow particular things from these websites for a predetermined period of days at a predetermined cost.

Purchase at the Right Time

If you do intend to purchase something, find out when is the optimum time to do it. Customers can predict when prices may be lower because to sales cycles, and some product categories consistently follow specific pricing patterns.

For instance, housing prices often peak in the summer, workout equipment is frequently less expensive in January, and the weeks running up to Black Friday in November are typically the best times to buy electronics.