10 Smart Ways To Utilize Hallway Space

Published on 02/22/2023

Your home’s living spaces don’t have to be reached through a boring, short hallway. Even when there is limited space, corridors offer the chance to add extra beauty, storage, or functionality between rooms. You may give your little hallway some personality with the aid of these decoration ideas. With these ingenious tricks, you may make a hallway appear longer, wider, or higher than it actually is.

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10 Smart Ways To Utilize Hallway Space


Use A Mirror To Make A Small Hallway Look Larger

A simple method to expand the feeling of a narrow corridor is to add a mirror. The mirror can give the impression that a small or dark room is larger and more open since it reflects light. To make a small corridor appear larger, hang one at the end of it or along one of its sides.

Brighten A Small Hallway With Plenty of Lighting

The secret to making a narrow corridor appear purposefully designed rather than neglected is good lighting. Install chic lighting fixtures that provide lots of brightness down a short hallway. As there isn’t much room on the floor, wall sconces or ceiling-mounted fixtures are preferable to floor or table lamps.

Make Your Hallway A Focal Point

Tiny corridors are the ideal place to experiment with a daring decorating style. Due to the space’s tiny size and lack of use as a living area, a bold wallpaper pattern or eye-catching paint color is unlikely to overpower. A bright rug or a piece of large-scale art can be hung to give a small hallway a fashionable makeover for a less long-term change.

Turn A Small Hallway Into A Functional Entry

If your doorway is only a narrow corridor, use a few design strategies to make the most of the area. Improve organization by adding a tiny console or table inside the entrance that can provide concealed storage and act as a drop zone for items like keys, handbags, and other items. Hats, jackets, and scarves can be hung from the row of hooks above. Ensure that the hooks are mounted high enough to prevent dangling objects from dragging on the surface.

Create a Message Center

Another method to utilize a hallway’s length is to install a blackboard or dry-erase board along the wall so that family members can leave notes. Chalkboard paint makes it simple to complete this little hallway design; nothing needs to be hung. Another practical option for narrow hallways is the use of sliding barn doors, which don’t take up any floor space when opened.

Choose Space-efficient Furniture

If you’re hesitant about fitting furniture into a little corridor, consider a slim console table. It offers additional storage and a place to put a few daily necessities, such keys and wallets. To avoid feeling cluttered, keep any accent pieces basic, like this vase.

Pull The Focus Upward

Use a pattern or even a colorfully painted ceiling to draw attention to the sky. If you want to give the appearance that your ceilings are higher, choose wallpaper with a vertically inclining design. Another effective approach to immediately draw attention upward is to paint the hallway ceiling a striking color. If you decide to frame pictures or artwork to hang on a patterned wall, be sure to pick neutral, complementary frames to avoid making the pattern look out of place.

Organize the Under-Stairs Space

Old shoes, backpacks, and sporting goods are frequently dumped in the space underneath the hall stairs to collect dust. Yet by adding specially crafted storage, the proprietors of this corridor have turned the area into a showpiece.

The bottom row’s four tidy drawers make it possible to conceal clutter, while the shelves above include cubbyholes that guarantee a tidy and well-organized book display.

Consider Bespoke Cupboards

These cupboards are a useful solution in this small space. Custom-designed cabinets are frequently the best way to make the most of a challenging corridor space. The owners have made sure that every available space is utilized by combining a tall cabinet with two deep drawers and a tiny countertop for placing keys and mail.

Use Recessed Storage

It’s a terrific technique to gain a little extra space in a corridor if you have the chance to carve a recessed niche into a wall. A post rack in the country style has been incorporated into the paneling in this area, providing both storage and decorative interest.

The greatest time to consider this is while a house is being built, but a skilled builder or joiner might be able to do something similar in an existing house.