Easy Gardening Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

Published on 08/24/2021

Looking for some great tips and tricks for gardening? Then you have come to the right place! Whether you have a green thumb or you are an amateur gardener, there is so much to learn about this beautiful form of art. Of course, gardening can sometimes be quite messy and even time-consuming but that does not mean gardening cannot be enjoyable. Keep reading to see some of the best yet uncomplicated gardening hacks that will help you save time and money.

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Easy Gardening Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

Use Your Bathwater

This hack is perfect unless your plants are edible. Once you have taken a bath, there’s no harm in stealing some of the water to water your plants. Your plants will love it even more, especially if you have used Epsom salt in the water. Be sure that no other harmful soaps or shampoos were added to the water, as this can actually damage the soil and plants.

Deter Pests With Peppermint Oil

We’ve all experienced annoying pests in our gardens, once you follow this next step, you won’t have that problem anymore. All you need is a few drops of peppermint essential oil. This will easily help deter insects such as ants and spiders, but it can also help keep beetles, caterpillars, and even mice at bay. Simply, add roughly 15 drops of peppermint oil to a small spray bottle, then fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Shake it well before applying it. Spray the peppermint solution around the perimeter of your garden, or around the outside of your pots. Your plants will be very grateful!

Save Your Eggshells

Once you have cooked your hard-boiled eggs, do not toss out the eggshells, instead, keep them for your garden. This might sound strange but trust us, this is a super hack. Eggshells are rich in calcium, which helps to neutralize the pH in the soil. Additionally, this will make a great fertilizer. Some experts also advise using the water that you used to boil your eggs. However, this trick should only be done every few weeks. Did you know that eggshells can also help deter common garden pests like slugs, snails, and even stray cats?

Baking Soda & Home-Grown Tomatoes

This next hack is so useful for people who have their own vegetable garden. For many generations, it is believed that you should sprinkle a very small amount of baking soda on the soil around the tomato plants. Why? Well, it is said that baking soda will help ower the acid levels in soil, which makes tomatoes sweeter. It’s important not to overdo it though, as the baking soda can sometimes poison the soil as well.

Save The Leaves

This may sound somewhat bizarre but leaves act as great mulch, fertilizer, and compost. What’s more, laying the leaves over your garden can help prevent frost damage. Gardening professionals recommend stashing your leaves during fall into a bin, then when summer rolls around, mix them with greens to balance out your compost mixture.