Where Do The Richest People In The World Live?

Published on 11/09/2021

Everyone dreams of being rich. It just seems to make all your problems go away and you can buy and do whatever you desire. A world where you don’t need to work, you can spend your days on beaches, lying in pools, going to events, doing simply whatever you want. For some this is a reality, but some continue working until they have more money than they will ever need. So do these people at least live luxuriously? Where would they say their permanent residence is? Do they live in a mansion by the beach, or a penthouse suite in the center of New York City? Lucky for you, we have done the research. Look below to discover just where the richest of the rich reside and whether they do it in style.

Cameo Island, Greece

Cameo Island, Greece

Jeff Bezos

It is hard to tie billionaire Bezos to one particular residence, but it is thought that he spends a large amount of time in Seattle. Bezos is the founder and executive chair of Amazon and currently has a net worth of $177 billion. Bezos owns a spree of properties across the United States, including several New York City apartments, the Warner Estate of Beverly Hills Los Angeles, a large estate in Seattle, homes in Washington DC and Washington state. The Warner Estate was his most recent purchase, a nine-acre property that set him back a whopping $165 million! Bezos’ 30,000-acre ranch in Van Horn, Texas, was bought to remind his kids of his own upbringing, spending time at his grandparents’ ranch. Though he did spend millions in renovations, we assume it isn’t quite like the ranch he grew up on. Bezos also uses the ranch for his private space company, Blue Origin.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s residence is a bit more confusing than Bezos’. Previously, Musk had several mansions in California but has notably sold most of his housing portfolio over recent years. Most recently he sold his San Francisco home for $37.5 million and it is believed there is only one house he currently owns in the Bay Area. Musk has done this on account of choosing to live more a more minimalist lifestyle. It seems that Musk has even followed up with this after it was reported that he is living in a studio-apartment sized rental which he claims to rent from the rocket company he owns, SpaceX. Even though Musk has a net worth of $169.8 billion, the box he currently chooses to live in is valued at a mere $50,000. Musk announced in 2020 that he was moving to Texas permanently, to focus on his largest projects which are based there. Texas is home to Tesla’s new factory, while SpaceX has a facility here too. We wonder where the rest of Musk’s family are currently residing, there sure isn’t space in Elon’s studio rental!

Bernard Arnault

Arnault competes with Musk and Bezos as the three yo-yo around the top positions on Forbes’ rich list. The 72-year old made his name (and lots of success) with his luxury group LVMH, a group that oversees luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, Christian Dior and Moet. Arnault may have been born in Roubaix, Lille, but he now resides in a mega castle in Bordeaux, France. The castle is 150-years old and surrounded by various vineyards. The family have owned the residence since 1998 and it truly is stunning. Arnault also owns chateau Saint-Remy-des-Landes in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines and a large estate in Paris. On top of this, he owns a 54 hectare island in the Bahamas, worth $35 million. To top this off, he also has a glamorous Belgian apartment in the center of Brussels in his portfolio.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft Co-Founder has a net worth of $124 billion and permanently resides in a mansion which overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington. The property has a size of 66,000 square feet and managed to incorporate technology in its design. In 2009 the property amassed property taxes of $1.063 million, not that this would really affect Gates, but it is rather sizeable! The house was designed by both Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler-Anderson, a pair of architects from Bainbridge Island, Washington. The house has a private library with a dome-shaped roof and an oculus. The home features a 60-ft swimming pool with an underwater music system, a 2500 square foot gym and a 1000 square foot dining room. We’re not sure why these types of rooms need to be that size, but we’re sure they’re immaculate.