Maintain Your Lawn Like A Pro With These Amazing Tips

Published on 05/11/2021
Maintain Your Lawn Like A Pro With These Amazing Tips

Maintain Your Lawn Like A Pro With These Amazing Tips

It’s one thing to have a lawn, but it’s a whole other thing to actually take care of it and maintain it so it thrives. It takes hard work to care for a lawn and keep the grass green and healthy. However, it’s not quite as complicated as most people seem to believe. Here are the things every lawn owner must do in order to have a beautifully lush green lawn.


This might go without saying, but mowing the lawn is a crucial part of maintaining it. Every time you mow the lawn, it can add to the grass’ success or failure. When you mow correctly, you’ll groom the turf and keep it healthy, drought-tolerant, and thick enough to crowd out weeds. On the other hand, incorrect mowing leads your lawn to struggle for survival. Time mowings so you’re never removing over one-third of the total leaf surface with each cutting.


There are many different grass feeders and fertilizers on the market when it comes to gardening. The kind you need will depend on the existing soil and weather where you live. Most of the products you find will have instructions, so it’s best to follow their guidelines for the best results. In general, it’s advised to water the lawn according to the same things: soil and weather. You need to be careful not to overwater the lawn as it could ruin it. The best time to water the lawn is in the morning when the temperatures are lower.


One thing you can do to really finish off the lawn and make it look neat is edging. Use a pair of long-handled shears to define the edge of the lawn and to prevent grass from growing into borders. Doing this will instantly make your garden look neater. If the lawn grew into the border, use a spade or a half-moon edger to reshape it and create a shallow “moat” so the grass won’t cross it again.

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

It’s important to make sure your mower’s blades are nice and sharp for the best results. A sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly and easily, while a dull blade will only tear the grass and create a jagged and uneven edge. Over time, a lawn that’s been mowed with a dull blade will develop a whitish or brown color as the tips of the grass blades begin to die. During mowing season, sharpen the blades of your mower at least a few times. Avoid mowing over any thick branches or stones since doing so will increase blade dulling or even do some damage.

Only Mow Dry Grass

The best time to mow the lawn is when the grass is completely dry. Mowing a wet lawn may not cause harm to the grass, but the results won’t be as good. Wet grass tends to clog a mower deck. Not to mention, the grass blades tend to fall over and clump together when you mow them wet. This will create an uneven cut.