What Are The Most Luxurious And Pricey Cities In The World?

Published on 09/29/2020

When we talk what are the most luxurious and pricey cities around the world many factors come into play. We need to take into consideration how much does a job gives averagely, what is the quality of life…  Several surveys exist to measure which are the most expensive cities around the world. The list we will soon read has been provided by the Worldwide Cost of Living data set. This date is comprised of individual prices of 160 products and services that include 130 cities in 90 different countries. The services refer to public transport, rent, private schools… The prices of different commodities are taken from supermarkets, medium-priced retailers, and more expensive shops. Ready to find out?

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What Are The Most Luxurious And Pricey Cities In The World?


Only a few decades ago Dubai was just a dessert located in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays Dubai could not be further of what it used to be: It is a city developed by the wealthy for the wealthy financed in big part by the oil. Just the skyline of the city shows its extravagance, for example, the Baruj Al Arab hotel has been called a 7-star hotel and it costs $20.000 a night! The tallest building comprised of 160 floors can be found here, and it is called Baruj Khalifa. What to do in Dubai daily? Well, you can go shopping or spend the day on a yacht.

Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the most extravagant cities simply because the cost of living there is greater than in most cities around the world. Just basic products used daily cost more than double of what you would pay somewhere else: For example, a dozen of eggs is almost $7, a medicine for the cold is usually $18…

Honk Kong

Moneywise, Honk Kong is considered the capital of Asia. There is a lot of money in this city home to lots of billionaires. And as seen previously where there is money there is an extravagance. Just the city has rows on top of rows of skyscrapers. Regarding the rent and cost of living, there are some houses listed for over $100 million.

New York, New York

I bet you say this one coming. “The city that never sleeps” is the city where you will find people from all over the world, people from different cultures and ethnicities. And yet some of them are the wealthiest in the world. For instance, the Upper East Side is the place in particular for the richest of them all. People that live in this area, will pay over $4000 to send their children to pre-schools. Many people dream of living in the “big apple”, but not everybody can. Just the basic living in new york is expensive. The only thing that may not be overpriced is the supermarkets and maybe outlets, but the rent, the restaurants, and pretty much all the rest are extremely expensive.